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From concept to working machines
Generation 2 
Worked for over 2 years in the Haifa bay creating nonstop electricty during the wave season
The bigger the  buoy – the stronger outburst –The Higher energy  created!


In the picture  a 4 Meters diameter buoy – 25 cubic meters of  out bursting floating power!

Bursting  every 8 seconds to create 250KWH 


Low Head- Rivers, Weirs, Reservoirs & Water Falls
6 meters (!) diameter-buoy.  56 cubic meters of floating power.  ready to be installed on the river device to create a 1/2 Mega /h  electricity power.




Working on Generation 3 

Concept of proof  device 


The Generation 3  is utilizing  only  half the water flow needed for the older version , thus creating  double the energy .

 Water supply comes from a buffer pool to increase efficiency and durability. 


 Launching Generation2

Generation 1

Rivers & Desalination

70 bars ready for desalination
Low Head- Rivers, Weirs, Reservoirs & Water Falls​

Generation 1

creating 70 BAR!

Rivers & Desalination

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