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The purchasing power of global groups

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"The fist power of the crowd is a thousand times stronger

than any five finger hand.

The sum of the parts is always greater than the set of the whole"

Sir. Professor   Erwin Schrodinger – Nobel prize winner


"  You may have heard of group purchasing organizations (GPOs) or buying groups, but what are they and how exactly can they help you? A buying group is an organization made up of businesses or people  that band together so they can negotiate as a larger group with vendors to receive better pricing and terms on goods and services.

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    Stock Market trading

Just imagine, thousands of small investors are buying, in the same day, a specific stock!
The share price will skyrocket!
for an instant fast huge profit!
we did it already a few times.
JOIN US At NO cost!

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Private covid  Vaccination group

We are a global, non-governmental, non-commercial private alliance,
gathering a group of people in desperate need of the vaccine and medication,

As a private organization, we don't have to deal with bureaucrats.

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SeaNergy - World Green Revolution
-Now accepting  group stockholders  

Be a part of the green revolution and help saving planet earth!

With a very small monthly investment -you will become a shareholder in this breakthrough and successful project!

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Jerusalem has always been a sanctuary for everyone. 

Fifty years ago we have acquired the Harp of David complex in the sacred heart of Mount Zion- in the center of the holy city of Jerusalem.

The family-run Harp of David complex is located just a few steps from holy sites like:

The Last Supper Room, King David's Tomb, the Old City Southern Wall, and the Dormition Abbey.

For half a century we have nurtured this breathtaking place. We served and hosted thousands of believers,  visiting the site to enjoy the view, the art, the history, and the peaceful spirit of Mount Zion. Admission was - and still is - completely free of charge.

But after 50 years of peaceful hospitality and sanctuary, it is time to retire and to pass on this slice of heaven on earth to a new owner. 

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Mount Zion  
Is Looking for a  New Owner

Dig and ReBuild Yourself
A Real Piece 
 of Ancient History  

The most educational gift for age 7-77 

We concluded a great deal with ANTIKA for a special group price, for each of our members!

Great for  meaningful holiday gift!

Do Not miss this chance to exiting present!

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The site will be ready in:


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