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“… I believe that this buoyancy-based design is novel and has several advantages over other devices. This facility has commercial potential as a wave energy absorbing device operating in different sea environment”


Prof. Tuvia Miloh is the head of the Fluid Mechanics & Heat Transfer Department, Tel Aviv University and the Dean of the Fleischmann Faculty of Engineering.

Prof. Miloh is a world renowned expert in Theoretical Hydrodynamics focusing on Fluid-Mechanical  and Marine Engineering.

RAFAEL Scientists prooved :
SeaNergy creates 9.14 times  more energy! 

Geeneral Electric - GE Global Research

....Michael Idelchik (VP Advanced Technologies) and I have been following SeaNergy closely for the last 3 years and we are impressed by the progress that the company has made………..We find it to be intriguing. Assuming the new desalination project is successful, the device performs according to specs and the cost is within your estimates, GE will look favorably at expanding and accelerating our relations with SeaNergy.

...We will soon conduct a study of the wave energy space in general, and in particular we will review the SeaNergy approach and potential applications that could be relevant for GE.

Best of luck,

Oded Meirav, Ph.D. - Manager, Israel Technology Center
GE Global Research


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